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The unknown, lies in the dark. film photography, 2012 Advertisements

split images, 2009- on going project, analog film “Keeping yesterday, Keeping the trace. ”   I have been very interested in the idea how moments of the past inspire narratives, feelings and reactions in the present. On going project X    

polaroids, picture taken in 2010- 11, was under the sun for 7 months.



collage, 2011

under the same sky Standing still right here. Sky moving, time passing, we will always be together. – qrl     Yoko Ono  ” A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Inside, still Moving. Nothing lasts. film photography, 2011



“The unknown” is what makes film and experimental photography so beautiful and unique. last updated on 9, feb, 2011. QRL About my WORK: A week ago, i dropped my films off in a film store. When i went to pick it up, the woman said to me “are you sure you want the negatives, as […]