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Images i did for the Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2013. They were shown during cocktail and dinner.     Designers: Johanna Ho (Hong Kong), Aganovich (Paris), Chi Zhang (Beijing), Holly Fulton (London) film photography 2013 Advertisements



darkroom prints, film photography, 2012.



2010, image done in the darkroom

split images, 2009- on going project, analog film “Keeping yesterday, Keeping the trace. ”   I have been very interested in the idea how moments of the past inspire narratives, feelings and reactions in the present. On going project X    

polaroids, picture taken in 2010- 11, was under the sun for 7 months.

old work, one of my favourite parallel places, polaroids, 2006- 2009

I had an exhibition with Detour from 25 of Nov to 11 of Dec. The exhibition has finished. I have uploaded images of my exhibiting space- Running Deep.  The work: a moment of change, 2011, inkjet prints The environment influences and effects the reflection for us to see the reality clearly.Change doesn’t happen over night. […]